• Consulting

    Building the Foundations of Future Real Estate Business

    We are here to help reducing the complexity of a digital transformation, managing change and ceasing digital as well as innovative opportunities for growth. Furthermore, we do not just create a brilliant strategy, but also help you to implement it and quantify the outcome. Here are some example projects.

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    Digital Maturity


    We have developed an enhanced digital maturity assessment comprising:

    • Inductive Digital Assessment - Holistic analysis of corporate digital maturity
    • Descriptive Digital Assessment - Sentiment towards your company and other external data

    Your company will know how digitally mature it is and how it is perceived by the public as well as competition.

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    Digital Competence


    Customising a strategy for building digital competence in your company:

    • Assessing existing knowledge
    • Knowledge Building
    • Digital Training Plan
    • Workshops
    • Seminars


    Your management and employees will learn how to become digital evangelists.

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    Digital Strategy


    The development of a digital strategy comprises the following aspects:

    • Analysis & Digital Optimisation of Business Processes
    • Competitor Analysis / SWOT
    • Development of Ideas for Business Model Innovation & Growth
    • Clear Goals & Quantifiable Metrics
    • Feasible Digital Strategy

    You will know how to become digital!

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    Digital Transformation


    Helping your company to master its digital transformation:

    • Strategy Development
    • Building Digital Foundations
    • Digital Competence
    • Strategy Implementation
    • Communication & Change

    It is our goal that none of your employees or managers is left behind. We strive to create jointly an agile and digital business, ceasing digital opportunities and new technologies.

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    Innovation Strategy


    Helping your company to profit from innovation & technology:

    • Technology Assessment
    • Innovation Strategy
    • R&D Support
    • Implementation 


    If your company aims to use artificial intelligence, big data or prepare for the impact of such technologies, we develop the perfect strategy.


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    Digital Support

    Daily | Weekly | Monthly

    Book our digital support during designated times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis:

    • Digital Transformation
    • Digitalisation
    • Technology



    We assist you in critical moments and are your competent sparring-partner.