• University Workshops

    Preparing Our Talents for Today & Tomorrow

    Real Estate Innovation & Digitalisation are usually not part of business or real estate students, yet it should and will be. The Future Real Estate Institute is willing to donate its time and knowledge in order to foster academic development in this direction. We want create awareness, foundational knowledge and interest for the shaping trends of the future. We are willing to organise one introductory guest lecture for Bachelor and Master students or an entire lecture series developing deeper knowledge.

    Lecture - Foundations in Real Estate Innovation

    Where: Your Lecture Hall | How long: 1.5 hours | Total Price: Pro Bono

    Students will learn about trends in digital real estate, the pillars of digitalisation, digital transformation and innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and more. Goal is to broaden their horizon, spark interest and generate new ideas.

    Lecture Series - Digitalisation, Technologies & More

    Where: Your Lecture Hall | How long: 1.5 hours | Total Price: Pro Bono

    Depending on the previous knowledge, such as programming experience, engineering skills, mathematical/statistical/econometric knowledge, we can focus on data analysis, machine learning and big data applications for real estate.


    For real estate business students we can elaborate foundational skills in digital marketing, digital transformation, creativity techniques and new technologies. Students will be able to assess new technologies in their future business environment, spot opportunities and function as intermediary between business and engineering, which will be highly relevant in the coming years.