• Executive Academy

    Educating Leaders for the Digital Age

    Executive workshops are immersive and high-intensive 1-on-1 or small group events, where we cover essential theoretical foundations and practical managerial implications regarding leadership, new strategic opportunities and digital self-development, which is vital for a successful Digital Transformation.

    Responsible Leadership in the Digital Age (1-on-1)

    Where: Your Office | Price upon Request

    After an initial conversation and digital assessment, we develop a tailor-made curriculum that suits your personal needs, corporate goals and pre-existing knowledge. Since, we offer this course as 1-on-1 individual experience, we can adapt the curriculum and pace to your needs and change parts even during the workshop.


    Example Curriculum:

    • Foundations of Technology, Innovation & Digital Transformation in Real Estate
    • Business Model Innovation & Idea Workshop
    • Responsible Leadership in the Digital Age
    • Digital Self-Development for Executives 

    Based on our conversation, your goals and our a-priori assessment, we develop feasible ideas regarding business model innovation, automation and optimisation.

    Digital Real Estate Seminar (5 Days - Small Group)

    Where: Your Office | Price upon Request

    This seminar aims to bring your entire upper-management on level with current developments, new technologies, business opportunities and skills that are required in the digital age. We offer a one day per week solution or the immersive digital sprint on five consecutive days.


    We lead one conversation with the entire team and collect wishes, questions and existing ideas regarding the seminar in advance via a custom-developed digital questionnaire. Doing so, we can ensure that we adapt the learning curve to foundational, advanced or digital-evangelist level.


    Example Curriculum:

    • Day 1: Technology, Innovation & Digital Transformation in Real Estate with Discussion              and start of Google's Design Sprint
    • Day 2: Creativity Techniques | Business Model Innovation | Idea Development
    • Day 3: Responsible Leadership in the Digital Age | Idea Selection & Storyboard
    • Day 4: Digital Self-Development | Prototyping
    • Day 5: Idea Testing | Change Management | Evaluation

    We cover Augmented - & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Building Information Modelling, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, 3D Printing, Smart Buildings, Future Workspaces and more. The weights per technology are adapted to your company's needs.