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    In order to operate agile and lean, the Future Real Estate Institute works and researches with a trusted network from around the globe. This allows us to draw on the best resources possible for each use-case, technology and challenge.


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    Viktor Weber

    Founder & Director

    "Hi, I am Viktor. Nice to innovate you!

    He frequently publishes in international professional publications and speaks at conferences. He consulted global clients, ranging from startups to stock-listed corporations. In his free-time he pursues a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Viktor Weber holds a Master of Science (Top-of-Class) from Oxford Brookes University, a Master of Science from University of Regensburg (Business Administration & Real Estate Management) and a Bachelor of Science from University of Regensburg / International Real Estate Business School. Adding to this, he has mastered courses in Robotics, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, Big Data and Programming and attended various research seminars in the United States, Russia, Croatia, Ukraine and Germany. He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper in the Munich Hub.